Gutenberg Press and Digital Media

Around 1440, a German craftsman named Johann Gutenberg developed a printing press with many new technologies incorporated. The printing press greatly increased the productivity of books. Thus, the prices of books were lowered, and many people could afford to buy books. Since more people could access to books, education of the public is improved.

Same as the development of digital media. Like the invention of Gutenberg press, digital media also enables more people to read and learn cheaply. Before the invention of Gutenberg press, books were produced by copyists, or scribes. It usually took months for a copyist to produce one single book, and so the price is expensive. Printing press greatly reduced the prices of books. With the help of the digital media, people can access to articles, books, or movies cheaply or even free of charge. The price for been educated is lowered again thanks to digital media, like the printing press did more than 500 years ago.

Apart from the price, Gutenberg press also made books more popular and widespread. Since the productivity is increased, more books are available to people. People could access to books anywhere, and books were no longer available in the rich and in the cities. Nowadays, with the help of digital media, people can exchange ideas with people all over the world. For example, I can talk to friends in other countries that are thousands away from mine. News and blogs are posted on the internet, and other people comment on them and then share them to more people. This is how digital media works to let the news or articles spread fast. People no longer need to wait for months to hear from the news or receive books in other countries, because digital media can do that instantly.

There are differences between the invention of Gutenberg press and digital media. For example, digital media can be controlled more easily by certain people or government, because digital things can be changed or blocked very easily. However, books are real objects that people can hold in their hands and give to the others. In a way, paper books are safer than things on digital media. This is confusing, for the more advanced technology doesn’t really bring us safer ways to communicate and learn. Governments can change articles or just block whatever they want on the internet, and digital media doesn’t work in these places then.

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